Who We Are

A communications center to coordinate with various government entities. We aim to achieve internal strategy for the Ministry of Media (MOM), in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The center gathers and develops messages about Saudi Arabia, its goals and visions – and disseminates those messages to concerned entities internally.

Our Message

Present the Kingdom’s leading role locally, regionally and internationally, and increase the citizen’s awareness, pride and interest in the government’s policies and programmes. This will encourage citizens to participate in the Kingdom’s reform initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Unify media messages within the general framework of Vision 2030
  • Support the government in implementing strategies
  • Promote effective and sustainable communication and partnership among government entities
  • Support the government’s media efforts and develop its performance
  • Raise the level of coordination among media centers
  • Improve performance, productivity and rapid response
  • Develop and qualify media competencies in various fields
  • Launch interactive digital platforms and publications highlighting the projects’ development
  • Crisis management
  • Manage media campaigns
  • Develop government digital platforms
  • Train and develop the performance of government spokespersons
  • Hold international and local forums on media and public relations
  • Train and qualify Saudi employees of the Center for Government Communication through specialized local and international courses

The Unified Media Programme of Government Entities ”Grid Process“

One of the initiatives undertaken by the Center for Government Communication is to support and promote harmony and consistency in government media performance, exchange media expertise, and create media content according to the best international practices.

Press Office

The Press Office is one of the center’s departments known for its rapid response to events. It monitors and documents reactions and initiates to serve government entities in accordance with the ambitions and plans set out in Vision 2030. It also contributes to building relations with relevant entities to reach an exceptional level of content befitting the stature of the Kingdom and its development in all sectors. 

Political Media Unit

An analysis unit that includes a selection of consultants of high competence who can politically analyze issues and provide advice

Digital Platforms Management

A unit responsible for creating and monitoring digital content, coordinating with government bodies and the Ministry of Media to ensure creativity, implementing standards for electronic publishing, in addition to managing social media platforms by creating content and awareness and humanitarian campaigns. It also focuses on communicating with the audience and influencers.

Media Campaigns

An initiative within the Center for Government Communication focusing on the management of content, monitoring of impressions, including coordination and support of government campaigns and initiatives. It also identifies the execution phases and reports outcomes, monitors public response, measures campaign performance, launches central media campaigns and formulates the communication strategy.