“I am the mother of a son named Islam..and today I have completed a great part of my religion, Islam. This is my first pilgrimage after years of wishes and prayers. Makkah is the cradle of the dreams of millions of Muslims, and the envy of their hearts. My visit to Makkah did not give me anything but longing for it. It is a city where people yearn for its deaf stones, and its vast valleys. The wisdom of the Lord of the worlds can be seen in this holy city! We send our souls every day to go around the sacred Kaabah, and we send our wishes every year to go out with the pilgrims. In the past seasons of Hajj, we used to gather to watch the pilgrims in white on TV, often moved to tears. Our Lord is Forgiving, Merciful and our tears are calls that God responds to. Today, in Arafat, I witnessed the glorious scene almost hearing God’s words, ”I testify that I have forgiven them.” How splendid it is to remind oneself that God glorifies us in his own way.”