For Japanese pilgrims, Zineb el Farissi and her husband Yasser el Farissi, Hajj 2020 was something very unique and special. “The whole hajj experience was beyond expected. Applying for Hajj this year amid the pandemic was special indeed.”

The couple said that they did not hesitate to apply to perform the major Islamic pilgrimage this year when they heard about all the precautions and preparations taken by the Saudi Government to secure a safe journey for pilgrims, with world in the grip of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.
“Alhamdulillah when we got accepted it was a true joy, and we were very excited to be take part of this lifetime pilgrim journey.

“Shortly after being accepted, we were contacted by the Ministry of Hajj who have explained the whole process in a very clear way, and guided us through all the preparations, and precautions that we have to take for Hajj.”

They were then contacted by the Ministry of Health, “who guided us through the steps of doing the necessary health checks including the Meningitis vaccine and of Course the COVID-19 test. After this we were asked to follow a period of strict quarantine at home to ensure our safety and the safety of other participants.”

“We then moved to Makkah on Saturday (July 25) to complete our quarantine here at the hotel. The journey from Riyadh to Makkah was very smooth, with exemplary hospitality at the hotel. The team lead from the organizers are constantly communicating with us and providing all the support and help on every aspect of our stay.”
In a nutshell, the couple’s verdict on Hajj 2020 organization: it is beyond expectations.

“Everything is well prepared and thought of. Jazza Allah khayran all the organizers either from Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Health or Ministry of Media. And Lastly I feel really blessed to have being chosen for the Hajj this year and I’m very grateful to God and to the Saudi Government for all the hospitality.”