as Dr. Shaker Mousa, Professor of Pharmacology at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) and Chairman and Executive Vice President of Pharmaceutical Research Institute; said: “There is a Sahih Hadith (for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) that says, There is no disease that Allah has created except that he also has created its treatment.”

Speaking during the Grand Hajj Symposium, which took place with the theme: ‘Public Health Rules and their Scientific Applications in Light of the Prophet’s Guidelines and Practices’, Dr. Shaker expressed special gratitude to HE Minister Dr. Mohammed Saleh Benten for his kind sponsorship of this event that took place on Tuesday.

“I am humbled by your invitation to speak alongside world leading scientist and health officials from all corners of the world,” Dr. Shaker Mousa said.

“My research has been inspired by Prophetic medicine. This has driven my work in research and drug development over the years. Several of my scientific advances had been rooted in Prophetic traditions.” He added

As the world experiences a public health crisis, we have seen that preventing and fighting disease require a global effort that draws from many fields. Dr. Shaker express gratitude to be part of such an effort that he said it drew on: “The richness both tradition and modern progress inspired by Prophetic practice.”