MCI inspection teams continue to carry out the inspection and control tours at the Holy Places of Makkah and Medina, as part of MCI integrated plan for 1439 Pilgrimage Season. MCI inspectors verify the availability of adequate stock of foodstuffs and commodities. They ensure the quality and validity of the offered goods, and how far they are suitable for the human consumption.

Meanwhile, MCI has prepared an integrated plan for 1439 Hajj season, which includes the following main objectives: Monitoring the availability of foodstuffs and commodities, ensuring their validity, quality and appropriate prices, also intensifying the inspection and control on shops, stalls, commercial centers, refrigerated vehicles and mobile trucks loaded with foodstuffs and commodities, ensuring the validity of items and how far they are in conformity with the Saudi standard specifications, and verify the absence of any commercial fraud and counterfeiting, in addition to verifying the shops’ commitment of placing the price tags on the items offered for sale.

The Ministry’s plan also includes monitoring the jewels & gems shops to ensure the safety and calibration of scales, besides checking and controlling the fuel stations to ensure the absence of any fraud cases, such as mixing the fuel with other substances, also checking the safety of pumps and the accurate calibration, as well as inspect the auto tire shops, in addition to verifying the regular work of the shops and ensure that they have the necessary licenses for practicing the commercial activity.

This comes within the Ministry’s efforts and interests to serve the guests and pilgrims of the Holy Places. This is by providing all possible means to serve them in Makkah, Medina and the Holy places, starting from their arrival to perform Hajj, until their safe departure.