“Green Camps,” a new project that follows strict rules in favor of having an eco-friendly Hajj has been launched as revealed by Abdulla Al-Subaey, Head of the Environmental and Health Research in The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research.
This non-profit project contains the participation of every pilgrim by having them divide their own disposals into dry or organic before having the camp managers process the organic waste in order to delay the process of decomposition.
The proses comes to an end by selling tons of solid waste to merchantmen for recycling which will generate income for the institute and other nonprofit organizations.
This program is being demonstrated now in a number of pilgrim camps in Mina site afters years of research conducted by the institute.
Al-Subaey emphasized that the most important part about the program is maintaining the cleanliness of Makkah and the holy placed and through commands from the Ministry of Hajj this program is going to be expanding through the camps in upcoming years.