The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently launched the new version of ‘Manasikana’ application. This application is meant to serve the pilgrim starting from when he/she is preparing back in their country until he/she departs from the Kingdom on their way back home. The services within this application are available in 8 different languages.

The application provides the pilgrim with all relevant information, such as the packages registered and arrival schedules. Every pilgrim has a dedicated profile with personal information including passport details, blood type, his place of accommodation in Mecca, Madinah, Arafah and Mina and contact information necessary for transportation and emergency cases. In addition, the application provides the pilgrim with any information or modification on his package or itinerary. It also enables the pilgrim to contact the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to file reports or comments supported by images or videos to be dealt with by the relevant team in the Ministry and coordinate with relevant parties.

The application also includes in its latest version many innovative features that contribute to facilitating Hajj for pilgrims. That includes the weather forecast in Mecca, Madinah and Jeddah, emergency numbers necessary, the closest emergency centers and a currency exchange feature that provides currency prices and exchange rates for pilgrims to minimize time and effort.

This application also contributes in helping pilgrims avoid bypassing legitimate boundaries of Mecca and the holy sites by defining these boundaries using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and mapping Mecca and the holy sites including the distance between different main locations and service centers. The Ministry also sends notices and guidelines via this application using the language of the user.

In addition to all the mentioned features, the application includes other features such as locating the nearest mosque, prayer times, the Qibla direction and the Ministry’s latest news. The Ministry made this application available for IOS and Android users in their stores or by visiting the application’s website: