The Saudi Red Crescent Authority launched the initiative through the application ‘Asefny’ to receive emergency reports requesting emergency services using IOS and Android smart phones in 6 different languages.

The application provides users the ability to file a report through the phone, request an emergency service by sending a call for help message and track the report status. The application also enables the emergency team to locate the reporter. It also provides locations of the closest health facilities to the user and other emergency numbers, as well as the ability to build a profile of the user’s medical history.

The application also supports users with special needs to file reports by sending a call for help message or requesting an emergency service without having to call the operations room.

This application is part of the Authority’s efforts to provide optimum emergency services for those in need, ensure fast reach to emergency cases and accurately locate the requester. The user could also send an urgent call for help in case of extreme emergencies with an SMS.