On Monday, July 19, Muslim pilgrims will spend the day on Mount Arafat, also known as the “Mountain of Mercy” in Mecca, in what resembles the peak of the Hajj rituals.

Pilgrims look forward to standing on the Mountain of Mercy during performing the rites of pilgrimage, symbolizing the consistency of following the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, who stood on the mountain and delivered the “Farewell Pilgrimage” speech.

Pilgrims will make use of the occasion to pray to God hoping for mercy and forgiveness.

Arafat area includes an open plain and Mount Arafat, which is also called Jabal Al-Rahma (Mountain of Mercy), that is 300 meters wide and 70 meters high.

Arafat is surrounded by an arc of mountains and Wadi Arana and is located east of Makkah.